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Minimum Wage Update:

Argentina: 6,060 Argentine pesos or equivalent in US dollars ($405) per month for up to 192 hours; paid thirteen times a year.
Bolivia: 1,805 Bolivian bolivianos per month
Brazil: R$880 per month
Bulgaria: 420 Bulgarian lev per month, 2.50 lev per hour
Cambodia: 560,000 Riel per month
Chile: 250,000 Chilean pesos per month
China: Chongqing RMB 1,500 per month
China: Jiangsu Province RMB 1,770 per month
China: Liaoning RMB 1,530 per month
Colombia: 689,954 Colombian pesos per month
Czech Republic: 9,900 Czech koruna per month, or 58.70 koruna ($2.348 USD) per hour.
Ecuador: US$427 per month (for a 12 month average, including 13th and 14th salaries). Minimum wage has been set by the government on US$366 per month for the year 2016. A worker that works a full year, receives a 13th (of US$366) and a 14th (of US$366) salary.
Estonia: €430 per month, €2.44 per hour
France: €1,466.62 per month, €9.67 per hour
Hungary: 111,000 HUF (€370) per month for unskilled labor, 129,000 HUF (€430) per month for skilled labor
Indonesia: Rupiah 1,100,000~3,100,000 per month
Ireland: €9.15 per hour
Kazakhstan: 22,859 Kazakhstani tenge per month
Latvia: €370 per month
Luxembourg: €1,922.96 per month, €11.12 per hour for unskilled workers; increased by 20% for a skilled employee
Mexico: 73.04 Mexican pesos per day
Netherlands: €1,524.60 per month, €351.85 per week, €70.37 per day, and €8.80 per hour
Poland: 1,850 PLN (€434) monthly
Portugal: €618.33 per month ($680) in 12 payments, €530 per month ($593) in 14 payments
Russia: from 5,965 to 6,204 rubles per month
Slovakia: €405 per month, €2.33 per hour
South Korea: 6,030 South Korean won per hour
Spain: €764.40 per month in 12 payments, €655.20 per month in 14 payments
Sri Lanka: 10,000 rupees per month
Turkey: 1647 Turkish lira per month (gross minimum wage) Net minimum wage in Turkey is 1300.99 Turkish lira (€323.85) per month. Employer pays 1935.23 Turkish Lira including taxes and health insurance.
Ukraine: 8.29 Ukrainian hryven' per hour or 1378 Ukrainian hryven' per month
Vietnam: Varies by region; Region I: VND 3,500,000 per month; Region II: VND 3,100,000 per month; Region III: VND 2,700,000 per month and Region IV: VND 2,400,000 per month

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