Holloway® Global 80 is a global employment contract builder and human resource big data platform that can help you manage global businesses or develop international career more effectively and efficiently.

Holloway® Global 80 provides users or members with access to the following global databases: 
- Employment e-Contract on a DIY basis, a patent of the founder
- Country economics, country demographics
- Minimum wages and exchange rates
- Social security and both employer's and employee's burdens
- Corporate tax rates, personal income tax rates, and value added tax rates
- Labor terms and conditions
- Overtime and night work
- Annual leaves
- Sickness benefits
- Maternity and paternity leaves
- Workforce reduction
- International business travel and relocation
- Human resource service suppliers, etc.

Users that Holloway® Global 80 can be helpful to may include but are not limited to:
- Human resource professionals and managers
- Hiring managers
- International expatriates and repatriates
- Management consultants
- Business owners
- Entrepreneurs

Holloway® Global 80 upholds and advocates the following initiatives around the globe:
- Corporate Social Responsibility
- Diversity and Inclusion
- Entrepreneurship
- Environmental Sustainability
- Equal Employment Opportunity
- Fair Trade
- Health and Safety
- Human Rights
- Legal Compliance
- Social Enterprise

- Work-Life Balance

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About the Registered Trademark of Holloway®
Holloway® is composed of two English words, hollow way, which literally means empty hole. It herein refers to the concept of wormhole that might exist in astrophysics. A wormhole is a shortcut connecting two spacetimes separated by extremely long distances in the universe.
The logo of Holloway® consists of a mango with an arrow starting from the left and pointing toward the right going through the mango, with the arrow turning transparent within the mango to represent the spacetime-cutting wormhole.

The mission of Holloway® Global 80 is to serve as a wormhole by helping businesses or organizations achieve internationalization or globalization at the fastest speed.